Taking Care of Men’s Health

Taking Care of Men’s Health

Men face a variety of health issues, yet few can really admit to themselves that they need to see a doctor.  Stress, lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol drinking, over fatigue, emotional tensions and poor nutritional choices make men prone to a variety of illnesses.

If you look around you – in your family, circle of friends and work colleagues, you will most probably find that men’s health has been declining. Toxins that build up and hamper optimum functioning of vital organs,  and feelings of being unwell are often attributed to bad men’s health management.

Whether it is a headache or allergy, belly fat, hypertension, a prostate problem, premature ejaculation or other sexual dysfunction you are battling, there are appropriate remedies for such men’s health issues remedies that a competent doctor can help you with. Preventive care and management of illnesses before they worsen are among the best things a man can do for his body. A comprehensive physical exam will pinpoint which specific parts of the body are beginning to malfunction and need repair.

Apart from eating well and exercising regularly, both men and women need to have more open attitudes about the benefits of consulting healthcare practitioners – be it a traditional doctor or a naturopathic specialist. A medical specialist can help offer invaluable insights, like the best natural immune system booster, or the best indicators of men’s health status.

Instead of popping an over-the-counter medication to ease recurring problems like body aches & pains, get to the root of the problem. Seek expert medical help and nip distressing men’s health problems in the bud.  Obtaining high quality medical care like what StarMedical Group can offer, beginning with an annual physical examination, can lead to a more fulfilling, productive, and longer life. To take charge of your health and the services that the StarMedical Group can provide, log in to www.StarMedicalGroup.us.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Prevention is Still the Best Cure

There is an increasing awareness regarding women’s health and its importance.  In today’s hectic and modern times, women should, more than ever, invest in their well-being.  Women’s health sometimes takes a backseat and is given the lowest priority because women are so busy with their day-to-day lives. We at StarMedical Group realize the significance and unique aspects of women’s health.  We can help arm you for your future to ensure that you have a long and healthy life.

Preventive care is the best weapon for women’s health.  All it takes is one visit a year, to make sure that you maintain good health.  Our annual exams, conducted by our expert physicians and experienced staff, will help you take an active stance against illness.

Even though men and women may have many of the same health issues, women can be affected in different ways.  Women have distinctive health concerns that are different from men due not only to biological dissimilarities  There are also certain conditions that have been observed to occur more frequently in women than in men like obesity and depression.   Finding out early increases your chances of cure.  Tests like the breast exam and pap smear are vital for women’s health, and are also crucial to early detection and diagnosis of cancer and possible gynecological issues.

A lot of women put off their yearly visit to the doctors because of the fear of the unknown.  However, not knowing can sometimes be worse.  A complete exam can give you the full picture and can give you time to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the different scenarios you might have to face, if any. Take charge of your health today and schedule your yearly medical exam with us.  Call us to make an appointment or visit any one of our clinics. Let us be your primary partner in taking care of your health and well-being.

Urgent Care


Whether one likes it or not, life can be unpredictable.  Urgent care is needed quickly in cases of unexpected illnesses like high fever in a child, injuries while fixing simple chores at home, fainting spells, even loss of consciousness.  These are symptoms that cannot be ignored and it can be a frightening experience when your regular doctor is not available.

Emergency care versus urgent care. These are the choices when faced with unforeseen ailments as well as acute diseases which can include allergies, general poor health and other infirmities. Emergency care is generally provided by a hospital to patients with a serious condition.  Providers ofurgent care attend to patients with wounds as well as illnesss that do not require pressing or critical attention.

There are facilities known as urgent care centers that offer medical care on a walk-in basis to care for patients who need immediate attention but whose situation is not life-threatening to require visiting a hospital emergency section.  A visit to an urgent care provider maybe dictated by a desire to prevent a more serious illness to occur; or triggered by an episode that crop up unexpectedly; or chronic complaint that just won’t go away. Appointments may be made in these cases to do some diagnostic lab works, vaccinations, cholesterol screening, annual physical checkups, weight management, and immediate relief for allergies, flu, and certain infections.

Time and money considerations can help one decide whether to go to urgent care centers or the emergency room. The waiting time in ERs can go to an hour or more while urgent care hubs take 30 minutes or less. As to cost, it is important to consider various matters in making choices.  Check what your your health insurance allows.  Check-ups that may not be considered emergency could result in big personal pay-outs.  Cost of hospital equipment and staff come into consideration in emergency billings resulting in higher charges than in urgent care centers.

How severe is your current health condition? Is immediate attention required? What constitutes an emergency? Are there hospitals nearby? There are factors that you need to mull over especially when health is concerned.  It will be a great help if you start thinking about your alternatives early to better decide on the best choice that will give you the best opportunities in a given situation.

You check the services provided by StarMedical Group located The Colony, Tx to help you make decisions beneficial to your health concerns.

PATHCare Family of Companies Expanding

The PATHCare family of companies is now hiring temporary medical assistants across the country with the majority working in the DFW area. Despite the recession and low job growth statistics, the health and wellness company, PATHCare, is thriving.

“Americans are realizing that in order to keep more money in their pockets, they’re going to have to take a more proactive approach to their health,” explained Jeff Vitt, CEO of PATHCare. “Fortunately, we’re offering services that assist in avoiding preventable health issues through screenings and immunizations like flu and pneumonia shots and immune and energy boosting Vitamin B12 shots.”

New hires will assist the company during its busiest time, flu season. Employees will work primarily at StarMedical Group and FluShots of America located at the company headquarters in Farmers Branch with travel to clinic sites across North Texas. Additional employees will be hired and stationed at various locations around the United States.

For more information about available positions, call 214-572-8835.

Log onto www.PATHCare.us to learn more about PATHCare and its family of companies including FluShots of America to schedule on-site immunizations, Vitamin B12 shots and services for your company and StarMedical Group where walk-ins are welcome to receive flu shots, Vitamin B12 shots, health screenings and more.