In a time when Americans are facing more health issues and soaring health care costs, PATHCare works to reverse these trends. Founded in 2003 by Jeff and Debi Vitt, the PATHCare family of companies has two primary goals: to provide easy, affordable health care and to decrease the amount of common, avoidable workplace health problems like obesity and inactivity. Four companies comprise PATHCare: FluShots of America, StarMedical Group, ProPrev Health and PathCare Medical.

FluShots of America, To Beat the Flu, We Come to You, is a nationwide provider of flu shots, Vitamin B-12 shots and other immunizations. Staff members travel to the workplace to administer the various shots on an as-needed basis, making it easier for corporations to comply with regulations and maintain a strong emphasis on health and wellness for employees. StarMedical Group, Your family, occupational and urgent care provider, caters to families needing a wide range of clinical services including, but not limited to, treatment of acute illnesses, lab work, X-rays, women’s and men’s health, childhood and adult vaccinations, various screenings and educational programs targeting health risks such as weight loss and diabetes. ProPrev Health, Proactive, Preventive Health, offers corporate wellness programs that work to educate, screen for, prevent and treat common chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. PathCare Medical is a corporate membership-based program that helps employees take a proactive approach to their health with family and individual programs planned for future rollout.

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